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On 28 of April 2005, we hosted an interesting Q&A Live Expert Session at The full transcript is available to all our members, upon request. If you wish to receive the full session transcript in PDF format, please contact us.

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Since today, 10/12/2004, we are honored to publish the daily forecasts and trading recommendations on the largest and most important FX related website, Forex Street . There may be delays in the fxstreet's publishing, so we suggest the Registration for a free membership account here at and you will receive the forecasts and the daily trading recommendations by E-Mail.

About us

Our goal at is to attract traders interest and support for our services, providing a comprehensive resource for both professionals and individuals new to the Forex Market or with limited skills trading currencies.

On this site you will find educational articles, market information, real time Forex news, real time market quotes and charts, along with daily and weekly trading recommendations or technical analysis for the interest of active traders.

Our services are a real value for thousands of subscribers from over 100 countries, including individual traders, hedge funds, banks and even curious people.
Professionals are welcome to take advantage of our work and we are sure that our services will attract your attention.


Welcome to! is a world leading and highly paying Forex affiliate program. The Forex industry is the biggest market on earth today, with a daily turnover of 3 trillion dollars! Anyone today can trade Forex online. The participants in this market include central banks, organizations, commercial banks, institutional traders, and private individuals throughout the globe. Affiliating in the Forex market (currency exchange and trading) offers you a great earning potential, with online access to your traffic performance and your commission. The affiliates are provided with online support, marketing creatives and professional tools free of charge.



Well, after many years of saying I would put together a website and organize my digital domain, 2002 is the year to start this project. Why now? ..dunno, really.. besides organizing a growing collection of charts, snippets, and journal logs, now is a pivot point in my life, a time to look to the future and envision a perfect lifestyle. My goal is to provide a fresh perspective on the market by combining several trading techniques into a system that makes it possible to operate, interact, and trade from any location in the world. Today's base trading rig consists of a computer with multiple monitors, fast connection, and sophisticated trading software. I want this to evolve, and introduce new techniques which free the trader to choose to manage risk from the likes of next generation cellphones, PDAs, or even internet chat. This site shall become a porthole to tools which harness the power of a network of computers cooperatively finding new approaches, perspectives, and setups.

The markets are a boundless venue in which to participate, a rather magical virtual world of creatures most commonly expressed in the metaphorical terms of bull and bear. Why these two? Most argue that it refers to each other's attack position: the bull changes, gorges, and lifts his victim; the bear rises on her two hind feet and strikes from above. A true battle - perhaps an expression of the emotional ferociousness and clash of convictions. Just like the tides, they slosh back and forth between joy and despair in with various degrees of subtleness, a game of deception with each participant loudly voicing their opinion in an attempt to influence others and satisfy hidden agendas.

I prefer to view the action as a series of waves, cycles, or reality-checks. The markets are, in effect, a dance partner which leads the trader according to the market rhythm into a smoothing waltz, a snappy tango, or a whirlybird east/west coast swing. My approach to winning this game is based on charts and technical analysis - perhaps the only way to assess the true dynamics and interactions of the millions of participants that put prices into motion almost every day. I focus on such tools as Wolfewaves, bullish percentages, investor sentiment, Elliott waves, pattern setups, Fibonacci retraces, cyclical behavior, planetary aspects, breakouts/breakdowns, marketmaker games, and options efficiency to explain my perspective and provide a sound basis for individual trades. I also rely on the advice and insight of trusted advisors far more knowledgeable than myself.

This is just the beginning: Each journey starts with a single step, so join me if this sounds like an adventure. Choose the path less traveled.


Forex Guide and Forex Tutorial

"The 10 Keys to Successful Trading" - Download this free Forex guide book - This is an excellent Forex beginners guide filled with insights and need to know information for someone interested in the "Forex", Foreign Currency Exchange.

Market Traders Institute offers many free publications, Forex demonstration software, trial Forex programs, advice, Forex tools, and even a free online Forex lesson. MTI's motto is "knowledge is power". Take advantage of our free offers. If you are truly interested in becoming a successful Forex trader, take the time to compare services, and opportunities. We know you will choose Market Traders Institute as your mentor.

It is the mission of the Forex trader to become a financially successful long-term trader. This can be achieved when the trader adopts and accepts "The 10 Keys of Successful Trading". A Technical Analysis Applications manual for the Currency Exchange Markets. View the free online lesson (approx 1 hour), mid-way through the lesson you will be given the opportunity to register for our other free services. MTI's highly informative newsletters are also available on the same registration.

FOREX 2 EARN, is a financial technology provider offering solutions for Forex traders. Forex2earn delivers Forex Levels and Recommendations to suit both individual and institutional clientele. Forex2earn has intermingled a core group of information technology specialists with experienced Forex traders and investment analysts, thereby creating a well-rounded effective team of professionals.

We are very excited to share with you some of the most cutting edge information on trading FOREX, the most dynamic market in the world. This may seem like a bold statement, bordering on exaggeration, but it’s one we feel is absolutely true. Yet the ordinary perception of the Forex market is that it's too risky, too complicated, and best left to big players. To the contrary, knowledge of the workings and practices of the Foreign Exchange Market (commonly referred to as "FX" or "Forex") are within the reach of every investor, more so in fact, than any other market. Yet, what we found is that, with a media that is overly obsessed with the Forex market, this information is simply not getting out to the public. Also, much of the best information is scattered, and quite frankly, mixed in with lots of misleading poor quality information.

Our Mission & Goal…

In putting together our company and our trading program, we have set out to be a leader in educating and developing successful self-traders in the Forex market, providing a place for someone to find the tools they need to be in the top 5-10% of all successful traders in the world!

However, if your goal is to learn some fundamentals and then move right into the essential techniques for generating, then you have come to the right place. We would love to take all the credit for this opportunity by telling you that we have found the “end all, be all“ trading system to beat the markets. And yes, we do have a truly one-of-a-kind trading system, but the other major reason we’ve had so much success, and why we LOVE the Forex market, is because of the market itself and how straightforward it can be - lacking so much of the complication, expense, and risk involved with other equity markets, and with a vastly superior upside.

We have invested thousands of hours in testing and evaluation of different strategies and used the connections we've developed in the industry as professional traders to find out what the highly successful people are doing in this field. The result is we have uncovered some of the most advanced tools and methods available. We've taken all this knowledge and put it into easy to use tools and training's that any one of any experience level can use.

We hope that you will take full advantage of all we have to offer and look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals.


Why Interbank FX?
Low Pip Spread

Interbank offers dealing spreads of 2 to 4 pips on the major currency pairs in normal market conditions. Because our spreads are not fixed they will fluctuate with market volatility.
No Dealing Desk

While other companies may act as Market Makers, essentially trading within their customer base, our platform allows our customers to trade in the Interbank market with no market manipulation. Our electronic access to the Interbank market also means there is no dealing desk at Interbank FX. Your trades are typically executed within one second and go directly to our banks. All of your trades with Interbank FX are completely transparent and anonymous.
Professional Charting

Our professional charting software, Interbank FX Trader, is free for all of our customers. It allows you to add multiple charts and multiple time frames to your trading terminal.
Real-time Streaming News

Interbank FX Trader also features free real-time streaming news.
Automated Trailing Stops

Apply our Automated Trailing Stop feature and watch your stop loss move and adjust in real time.
Automated Trading Programs

Interbank FX Trader comes with dozens of custom indicators and automated trading Expert Advisors already installed. We also have an ever growing library here on our website.
Ability to Hedge

Our customers are given the ability to hedge. They can take the opposite side of any of their trades. Hedging is often used to control risk and to eliminate market exposure without realizing a loss.

Due to our unique approach to foreign exchange trading, our customer have access to direct execution off a streaming quote feed. That allows them access to real liquidity and the ability to trade from 100,000 to 10,000,000 of the base currency with a simple click of the mouse or automatically with an Expert Advisor.


Welcome to Forex Signals

Welcome to the first truly equitable entrance and exit signal service for forex currency trading. From now on you can use our system to trade on the currency market via the internet with the best possible results.

F O R E X is the biggest foreign exchange market in the world, originally created for the big players like banks, investment funds, corporations and other financial institutions. Today, however, recent advances in Internet technology and the development of Internet currency trading systems have made this market accessible to everyone.

FOREX TRADING is a registered Futures Commission Merchant (NFA ID #0339826) and a division of GAIN Capital Group. A pioneer in online foreign exchange, GAIN Capital Group provides forex trading & asset management services to institutional investors and professional money managers in over 140 countries.

At, individual forex traders can leverage the market expertise and financial strength of GAIN Capital Group and access an institutional currency trading platform, FOREXTrader, along with powerful real-time forex charts, professional forex market research, and a suite of advanced forex trading tools.

For traders new to the forex market, offers forex training programs, forex minis, and information about trading the forex market

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Welcome to exists to help you help yourself make money by providing an easy-to-understand guide on how to trade in the foreign exchange market. We use straightforward language instead of confusing gobbledygook and try real hard to crack as many corny jokes as possible along the way.'s School of Pipsology still under construction
Our free Forex trading course tailored for beginners is not yet totally completed. We will be adding more grade levels (new lessons) over the next couple of weeks and we will be sure to notify you the moment new content goes up.'s School of Pipsology is designed to help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities to become a successful trader in the foreign exchange market. Our definition of a successful trader is having the ability to do three things:

1. Make pips
2. Keep pips
3. Repeat

We help you not only figure out what all the indicators and other chart hieroglyphics mean, but you're going to learn how to use them as well.
We'll spend a ton of time getting you familiar with those tools, and then we'll teach you how a strong discipline of using money management and risk control can help you become a profitable trader from day one. Everything we do is focused on helping you start making money immediately.

We're here to help you find your way to trade for a living, and believe our strategies can save or earn you a whole lot of moola.

We're glad you're here. Enjoy! is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We will only use your email address to keep you informed about updates to our Web site.


Welcome to Saxo Bank

Thousands of online traders look to Saxo Bank for online trading of Foreign Exchange (FX), Stocks, Stocks on Margin (CFDs), Futures and fixed income products. As a fully licensed and regulated European bank, Saxo Bank is a world leader in multi-product online trading and we support a truly global client base of retail clients, corporations and financial institutions.


What Is Marketiva ?

With more than 130,000 serviced users, 80,000 unique and live Forex trading accounts, and 2.3 million live orders executed each month, Marketiva is one of the most popular Forex (Foreign Exchange) dealers in the world.

You can start trade with free 5 USD and 10000 USD Virtua Money. This is the great platform to try while other platform or if u want to open new Forex account , they will require at lease USD 200 to start.


*you must choose one of this coupon when you sign up the markertiva account*

Identify Yourself

Marketiva is committed to assisting governments combat the threat from money laundering and terrorist financing activities around the world. For that purpose Marketiva has setup a highly sophisticated electronic system. This system documents and verifies client identification records, and tracks and maintains detailed records of all transactions.

As the first step in this control process, Marketiva requires its customers to properly identify themselves, with the following two forms of identification:

Picture identification, (i.e. a passport or driver's license), and
One form of identification confirming the customer's address, (i.e. phone bill or a utility bill).

Both forms of identification can be scanned and directly uploaded in JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format. Each image must be in color or grayscale mode (monochrome images are not accepted) and a single image cannot exceed 100 KB


Why trade with FXDD?

The business benefits are clear:

* Transparent and consistent interbank pricing and liquidity
* Commission-free trading
* Tight spreads*
* 100:1 leverage on standard accounts and 200:1 leverage on mini accounts
* 24-hour customer service
* Competitive Introducing Brokers (IB) programs with attractive rebates
* FXDD is held to the same high standards as our parent company, Compagnie Financière Tradition.


e-gold® An Alternative Internet Payment System

The market for goods and services sold across the Internet is large and growing. Receiving or making payment, however, can be a problem. e-gold solves the problem. 100% backed by gold bullion e-gold is truly global, minimizes exchange risk, and meets the demands of Internet payments:

* Immediate settlement worldwide, 24/7
* Finality of payment, no chargebacks.
* Payments are bi-directional allowing interactive service payment
* The system is robust, efficient, and secure
* Merchant interfaces are easy to implement
* Transaction costs are low

e-gold, operational since 1996, has users in over 165 countries and has settled over 45 million payments. There is over $30 million worth of e-gold in circulation supporting an annual transaction volume exceeding $1 billion (USD-equivalent).

Who should use e-gold

Any business or individual who wants to make or receive convenient, secure, cost effective, and final payments across the internet. Whether your market is:

* On-line retail trade or services
* International remittances
* Micro-payments, such as music downloads
* Paid content websites
* Internet gaming
* On-line auctions

If you can not or do not want to use a credit card, e-gold is your answer.

Like Buying Gold

e-gold being backed 100% by gold bullion makes buying e-gold like buying gold, but easier. Hold it as an investment or a hedge on currency exchange and never worry about the physical gold.

It's Easy

All function are online; create and maintain accounts, access your account to make payments and review transaction history, check exchange rates, e-gold circulation and usage statistics. e-gold also provides a Shopping Cart Interface to facilitate customers buying on your site.

Extraordinary Governance and Security

* e-gold is 100% backed by gold bullion held in recognized repositories
* All transactions are on-line with access requiring account number, passphrase, Turing number, and IP address confirmation
* Transactions are settled immediately, records are maintained on dedicated servers, data integrity is highly controlled, and all hardware and software has a strong back-up and continuity program

And You Can Make Money Using e-gold

With the Account Referral Incentive Program any merchant who enlists a new e-gold account receives 10% of the transaction fee for any transactions that customer has with anyone in the e gold system. The more customers you have spending with e-gold, and the more they spend; the more you make.

Anyone can be an e-gold Exchange Provider; sell and buy e-gold with local currency charging an exchange fee you determine.

Extra Services

Automation Interface - Allows programmers to integrate e-gold functionality into their own applicaiton

Shopping Cart Interface - accept e-gold as payment on your website; payment is immediate; secure, cost effective, and easy to install

Create your e-gold acc now (click here)

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Today’s Active traders need a trading platform designed to help them place better, smarter, strategically-executed trades. A trading platform that allows them to formulate and test trading ideas, identify opportunities in real-time and then automate the execution to save precious seconds.

StrategyBuilderFX MT4 gives all levels of traders the power to create, test and fully automate their own personal rule-based trading system before risking a dime of trading capital!! Once confident with a strategy traders can open a live account and receive straight through processing (STP) direct-access to a growing list of partnering registered clearing firms.